Import fails when migrating from Tbird

G’day, and for starters, have you all a healthy, happy and prosperous 2014.

I have just finished installing eM Client 6, since T-bird is behaving atrociously. (In the family, it is now called Blunderbird :-).)
As a farewell present, I got the following problem, that may have been caused by the way I set-up Thunderbird. I stored all my mailboxes on a separate data partition. And my mail archive is also there, stored in the “Local Folders”-section.

Specifically, I have the following problem: When I try to migrate my mails and contacts with aid of eM’s import wizard, option: entire account, it just generates the following folders for each account: Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Drafts, Trash and Junk.
However, there’s no mail in it. Also, my mail archive folders haven’t been copied…

When I try to import from specific folders, I can only import from the my account folders the Inbox and the Thrash, and from the Local folders the Outlook Express address book and the Windows address book (again, no archive).

Is there a work-around for this situation? I already tried to use the generic import wizard, but since that will only process .eml files, it offers no viable options.

Does any of you know a workaround (so I can bid my heartfelt farewell to TB)?
Appreciate your feedback.


Hi Rob,

I was also using Thunderbird for my e-mails.

I’ve tried 1.5 year to import my e-mails from Thunderbird to eM Client (version 4 and version 5), but that never succeeded: I always had missing e-mails and e-mails with a sender of ‘[email protected]’ (or something like this), and ‘undisclosed recipients’.

My Thunderbird data files were also stored on my D: drive.

However, starting from version 6, eM Client has imported all my e-mails successfully (or at least it seems so)!

So I’ve finally switched from Thunderbird to eM Client.

Which version of eM Client do you have?

I’m using version 6.0.19714.0, but I’ve managed to import my e-mails with the version directly below this version.

One workaround might be to let Thunderbird export all it’s e-mails as .EML files, but I wouldn’t go for that option.

I think maybe something is wrong with your profiles.ini file of Thunderbird.

You can find that file here:


My profiles.ini file for example has the following contents:



Good afternooon Hans,

Thank you for replying.
I have recently switched and the versionI’m using is 6.0.19714.0
Judging by the directory structure you specify, I take it you are running VIsta or Win 7.
I bought my sweetheart a new Winbox, since the old one is stil running XP and that will become obsolete pretty soon. Which is the reason for migration.
In the past, all efforts to migrate failed miserably and I thought this would be one of those decisive moments to break with a bad habit :-).
If all else fails, I will try the next elder version.
I will try firstly try to locate my profiles and keep you posted of any progress.

Having said that, my profiles.ini is configured as follows (Look at the difference in paths):


I think some fiddling is required. Really, the path amazes me, since all mail messages are correctly stored and can be retrieved without a glitch…
Oh well, whatever.

To be continued tomorrow, (due to conflicting appointments).



Hi, I understand that you want to import from TB using Import… but if you have data on server easier way is to create account in eM Client and then let it synchronize and after that create folder like you want and set rules for email sort.

But if you don’t want to do it this way, was help from user Hans helpful to you?


Hi Rob,

I’m using Windows 8.1

You wrote “I stored all my mailboxes on a separate data partition.”

I did that too, but for that to work, I had to tell Thunderbird to use a special directory for my data. I specified that by changing my profiles.ini.

For more info:…

Note: changing your profiles.ini can be dangerous!!! Always close Thunderbird first, and make a backup of your current data directory, before you change the profiles.ini file!!!

You have been warned! :slight_smile:


Good afternoon and thank you for warming me, Hans :slight_smile:

I have been trying to change my profiles, but to no avail although I tried a number of different set-ups (which more or less upset me, hahaha).

After I spent a couple of days in wrestling with it, I decided to go for a different option:
I disabled the POP accounts in TB and kept the SMTP account alive
In eM I start from scratch, with POP and SMTP accounts.
All I had to do is re-create an address book.
If I need to respond to an old mail, I simply re-send that one to myself, where it lands in my eM POP account.
Problem solved :slight_smile:

As a bonus, I still have still unrestricted access to my archive (6GB) and eM is frisky and and responsive, which is the best of two worlds.
TB I only start when there’s need.

I have tried this out over the last week and so far it works satisfactory. Now all I have to do is convince my sweethart that this is the way forward.
I think she’ll come around :-).

Good afternoon Jan,

Nope - all mail was stored on my local machine.
Hence I opted for the above method, as described to Hans.
Maybe this option is also suitable for others who have problems when migrating from any other mail client to eM.
My wife has had a CVA in the past, which makes it hard for her to cope with changes. I will therefore adhere to her final choice, but in the past she has experienced the drawbacks of TB and I think she will adapt to eM, although it may take her more time than just a nextdoor’s neighbor.

I will let you know of the final outcome in a couple of weeks.
Thank you for your support and thinking towards a solution, and have a jolly good weekend.

Best regards,


Hi, so have I understood well that you have been able to solve your issue? :slight_smile:


I also ran into this problem when migrating from Thunderbird to eM Client. eM Client imported the first few messages from my TB inbox but created a “message” from [email protected] for a bunch of the later messages. I looked at the [email protected] file and noted that the message text appeared to be from a message that I had previously deleted. I went to the Mozilla web site and read that TB stores all of the messages in a folder in a single file and does not actually delete the contents of a message at the time that you ask for it to be deleted. The message is just marked for deletion but is not physically removed until the folder is compacted. It appears the eM Client chokes when it encounters one of these deleted-but-not-removed messages in the middle of the file. I used TB to compact the folder and tried importing it again. This time, it imported all of the missing messages. You might give this a try.

Hi, can you please export the message from Thunderbird into an .eml file onto your desktop and then try importing it by drag and drop into eM Client and check if the sender’s info will be visible?

We’ve come across this issue recently with sender’s info missing when imported by the import function and we’re currently working on a fix for this issue.

Thank you,