Import emails from previous installations of Em Client.

I have been using Em Client for a few years and due to instabilities with the OS have had to reinstall Windows OS a few times.

Now that I have a stable system I want to import the emails from previous installations of Em Client.

I had located the folder where the emails were retained and saved these files.
I now want to copy back the emails from these files.

The standard IMPORT option does not appear to detect Em Client files.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hi, you might be able to remove your current database folder and put there your old one, but this is not officially supported and may result in loss of data.

Best way is to use File - Restoreā€¦ if you have created backup or File - Importā€¦ if you have used export previously.

If you have just copied your database folder or even worse only some files from it then try before my original suggestion create your email account and synchronize emails from the server.