Import Email Directory structure from Windows Live Mail

Hi, I have succesfullt installed EMClient, thank you very much. I can import the users succesfully. I can import all the emails from WLM but they appear in the “unread” folder. It will be an absolute pain to recreate all the WLM folders and then move all the imported emails to them. Is there any way of importing the emails, automatically create their original folders and keep the emails in their WLM folder structure please?

When you import messages they are automatically marked as unread.

They should be in their original folders but because you are viewing the Unread folder, you will see them all there as well. Just right-click on the Unread favorites folder and choose Mark All Messages as read.

Hi Gary, thank you for your prompt reply. I have tried countless times to import the email directory structure from my WLM app, completely uninstalling the EMC app every time. I have tried the automatic and manual routes. EMC asks to change pop3 to IMAP which I allow. (image 1). It then starts to import emails and directories but fails with the message in image 2. The result of importing is as in image 3. Unfortunately it seems to abort/fail well short of importing all the directories and emails. It only seems to only have imported quite a few of my older emails and their directories. These appear in “Local Folders > More”

Help again please.

martes 14 marzo 2023 :: 1845hrs (UTC +0100)

As you are having a problem…
You might like to look at this, perhaps it could help, I believe it is a free utility

Do not be put off because it says TO OUTLOOK

On this page scroll down to:

Convert emails from Windows Live Mail to a standalone PST file on your hard drive

You should then be able to import the PST to eMC

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Thanks Skybat, I tried it but I get an error message saying that I can’t login to Outlook. This is not surprising because I don’t use Outlook! Does it need to be installed and logged into?