Import DBX files from Outlook Express

I have switched my Computer from WinXP Outlook Express to Win7 with Emclient. All my old Outlook Express have been saved to some 30 .DBX files that I have on my Computer. But Outlook Express does not find them for importing. I have seen a conversation that states that Emclient would not Import .DBX files, and that I have to pre-process them somehow with Outlook express. But Outlook Express does not work on Win7, as I have been told.

How, by all means, can I recover my old Outlook Express mails.

Please help!   

NOW I’ve got it. It’s so easy if you know how to do it. When searching for the DBX files from Outlook Express, one MUST NOT OPEN the folder where the DBX files are located, but rather enter the Folder which contains the DBX files as the search result. I have some 30 DBX files there which correspond to the local folders within Microsoft Outlook and shall become local Folders within Emclient. STOP SEARCHING manually in the Import tool of Emclient when you have arrived at the folder that contains all the DBX files.  

Be sure to import the .DBX files into “Local Folders”, not into you mail account (sth. like myaccount@mymailprovider). To mimick the Outlook Express behavior, create a rule within Emclient that moves your incoming mails from myaccount@mymailprovider#Inbox to Local_Folders#Inbox. In this way, the mailaccount at you mail provider’s server will be cleaned (no downloaded mails survive) and all your incoming mails will become “local” in the sense that your local computer has the master copy of these mails. In the same way, you can move your “sent” mails to a local “sent” folder after sending.