Import dbx file

I have a few old emails that I saved to a CD from Outlook Express. These files are dbx files and eM Client doesn’t have this option when I attempt to import them. Is there a way I can import dbx files?


.dbx files are not supported unfortunately. you will have to convert them to .eml files or import into outlook again and then use File - Import… in eM Client.


Hi Jill,

Jan’s answer is somehow misleading. You have to store your .DBX files in a separate folder. Emclient’s import facility will ask you to search for the location where the Outlook (Express) files may be found - you have to ENTER THIS FOLDER as search result. DO NOT OPEN the folder that contains the .DBX files during the search, but stop at the level of the unopened folder. Cf. my entry “Import DBX files from Outlook Express” of Dec. 19, 2015 in this forum.