Import Data from Outlook 2007

Hi, I am asking for help to transfer my data from Outlook 2007 (mails and reminders).

I have installed eMClient but during the installation procedure it cannot find my account.

I also tried to follow the manual procedure indicated on the site (Menu - File - Import) but found nothing.

It is not so much the problem of manually setting the account data (username, password, etc …) but I need to transfer all the mail already downloaded with related folders and reminders from Outlook 2007 to EmClient.

Can you help me?

Thank you.

Ciao, chiedo un aiuto per trasferire i miei dati da Outlook 2007 (mail e promemoria).

Ho installato eMClient ma durante la procedura di installazione non trova il mio account.

Ho anche provato a seguire la procedura manuale indicata sul sito (Menu – File – Importa) ma non trova nulla.

Non è tanto il problema di impostare manualmente i dati account (username, password ecc…) ma ho bisogno di trasferire da Outlook 2007 ad EmClient tutta la posta già scaricata con relative cartelle ed i promemoria.

Potete aiutarmi?


I can tell you from direct and recent experience that EM/C doesn’t play well with Outlook 2007. Especially Calendar stuff (events, tasks, etc.). I couldn’t even do something as simple as importing Notes (i.e simple text files) from 2007 version. And due to its age, I was generally told not to expect that to change.

It’s weird and hard to explain because eM/C launched in 2006…my assumption is that there must have been some support for converting from Outlook 2007 sometime in the past. And, I guess, was subsequently broken or lost or…? Kind of a shame, really.

When I imported Outlook 2007 years ago into eM Client I used the Import .PST / .OST option which worked for me.

You need to scroll down a bit “when importing files” in eM Client via the (two different / file import options) for Importing either “Outlook folders” or Importing “Outlook files” into eM Client depending on what you are importing.

See the following thread -

viernes 18 febrero 2022 :: 0908hrs (UTC +01:00)

Ciao, abbiamo avuto problemi anche con questo per i nostri sistemi e client (non solo con eMC). Alla fine abbiamo utilizzato un programma chiamato AID4MAIL da:

Buona fortuna!

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