import color google calendar


is it possible to sync the information google stores as calendar color into em client. Currently em client is only using one color for all appointments per calendar, while source google calender uses different colors within one calendar.

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You can set the colors yourself when creating an event by assigning a specific category to it. You can also apply the colors to categories you already have - just right-click an existing event and categorize it to your liking.

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Hi Dave ; Colors set up in Google Calendar aren’t associated with categories, and we don’t need to go through the process again. Having the color assigned to the Google event should carry over to emClient, please ease!

In Google Calendar, you can create multiple “calendars”, each with their own color. When they sync with eM Client, each “calendar” will bring down those colors. I put “calendars” in quotes as in some ways, you are just categorizing or labeling events by saying they are on different calendars.

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are we talking about calendar colours; or category/event calendars?    It is category/event calendars I am looking for to sync.   I don’t think they do based on another post, but then your post here is more recent, so I will repost this question/request.

Hello Paul,
calendar colors are synchronized, event colors are not.