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We’re using Zimbra as an email collaboration suite. I was able to setup IMAPs/SMTPs for Email, CalDAV for calendars and CardDAV for Contacts. Everything is working fine so far, which is impressive to see.

However, I need to setup at least three Accounts per User. If a user has access to multiple eMail-Accounts and shared Calendars, I need to setup 10+ Accounts per user which is both tedious and time consuming, especially in a corporate environment with 30+ users.

Is there some way to automate the account creation via an API, script or a simple CSV or INI-file import?

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Setup one user with all the accounts required then go to Menu > File > Export > Export settings to xml file.

Select only Accounts.


Then have a look at the xml file in your preferred text editor. It is easy enough to understand the structure. Maybe easier for you to edit an xml for each user than to go through the whole account setup. Later you can import the xml using Menu > File > Import, and that will add the accounts to that installation of eM Client.

Possibly not what you want, but could be useful.

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Hi @Gary,
that’s awesome!

Thank you very much.

This is a killer feature in my opinion.

Glad you found it to be useful. :wink:

It really is very useful: I can use the exported config.xml as a template and replace the account specific fields with markers like ###username### and ###password###. Then I can write a small script that replaces the markers with the account related data from a CSV file and I can rollout the complete account config in no time!

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