Implementation of custom imap path prefix

For some email providers it’s necessary to change the default imap path prefix to a custom one. 
This problem was described in the following conversation:
Would be happy, if this feature is included in future versions. 
Many thanks in advance

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Hi Johannes,
thank you for sharing your Idea, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases.


I have got the same problem. I cannot use the mail client at work to access all our IMAP folders. I wanted to try eM Client as an alternative to Thunderbird, but without that feature I cannot use it. Otherwise our company probably would have bought the Pro License for all our colleagues.


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I realize this is an old conversation, but without being able to set the IMAP path prefix, neither I nor my colleagues can use eM Client.

All users in our organization have a home folder that IMAP clients display as a series of dot files and folders. We make ~/mail folders for our IMAP users and put their mail and mailboxes into those folders. Outlook, Thunderbird, or Postbox can set a root IMAP path prefix, as can some other clients. We have a few people that would be interested in eM Client if this could be set.

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