Imap to pop

I tried to install emclient on my computer but accepted the option to switch from pop to imap. I think that was a mistake and now I can’t revert to pop. Anyone tell me how? I uninstalled it but every time it says I can’t log in to my email client.

Hi, if you’ve setup the account as IMAP, to set it up as POP you have to setup the account again. Navigate to Tools > Accounts, delete your current account and create new account. Instead of using the automatic setup please switch to the “Mail” tab below and select ‘Other’, proceed with the steps using your SMTP and POP server settings.

However I’d like to suggest you to keep using the IMAP account as it offers you more freedom while using your account. IMAP protocol synchronizes all your data between your computer and the server, so you have all the data available on the server at any time including your flags, folders, etc. It could be also taken as an automatic backup, so if anything happens to your computer, you’ll always be able to just setup the account anywhere and pickup right where you left off.

Hope this helps,