IMAP to IMAP transfer fails

Hello ,
I’m trying to transfer emails from my google account to a yahoo account.
I did so previously successfully, recently I’m unable to do so.
I dragged the emails from my google account to my IMAP folder on my yahoo account ,
emClient transfers the files locally and then starts uploading them in the background.

It works for some emails and for others it just fails , when I look at the logs I see the following lines :

22:42:14.943|049|   >>> Connection 1 is now spare
22:42:14.944|049|   >>> Account folders synchronized
22:42:14.948|049|   >>> UploadAsync(folder: /fromGmail): Start
22:42:14.949|049|   >>> AppendAsync(folder: /fromGmail, item: Start
22:42:14.949|049|   >>> DoAppendAsync(folder: /fromGmail, item: Start
22:42:15.034|049|   01: A7 APPEND "fromGmail" () "06-Jul-2018 22:01:22 +0000" {15966556+}

Is there a way to fix this ?
Is there a way to skip the offending message ? , I’m usually going to the date and removing messages , restaring the client and then I’m able to resume uploading until it’s getting stuck on another e-mail that has to be uploaded to the imap folder.
I tried looking for a way to search by the message Id, but couldn’t find a way ,

Thanks in advance for any assistance.