IMAP - Synchronize Folder

When I first start eM Client, I usually press Refresh to get the latest email.
When I check Show Operations, I see it synchronizing folders.
Under Menu/Settings/General the two check boxes for Synchronization are turned off.
This is often a slow process.
Why am I getting any synchronization with both options deselected?
My version is 8.1.1054.

Normally with both Synchronizing options turned off (as you advised) eM Client wouldn’t normally Sync, so that is strange.

If I disable both those options eM Client doesn’t synchronize with my IMAP accounts, so i suspect there is an issue with your current eM Client installed version.

There is a later version 8.1.1060 and even a brand new ver 8.2.1180 just released you could then try to see if that problem goes away. See the eM Client version history page below.

Note:- Before installing any new version , click “Menu / Backup” to create a backup incase you have any issues and need to restore to your current version.

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That is not necessary when using IMAP or Exchange. After a few seconds, eM Client will automatically sync with the server.

Because those options have nothing to do with syncing the Inbox for IMAP or Exchange accounts. They affect POP3 accounts, as well as sub-folders of the IMAP Inbox, and calendars and contacts.

Installed 8.2.1180 and no change to behavior.

I’m getting this problem too. It doesn’t sync when i open the application, but after i have manually refreshed once, it seems randomly to refresh itself on the odd occasion. I can’t find a pattern to it. It’s a real PITA as i don’t want to refresh my accounts when i’m using a VPN because it can cause a real issue with VM…