IMAP sync with Gmail (

eM Client not able to sync.  If I use “automatic setup”, or specifically use GMAIL setup option.  Takes me to the google page after I enter my address, to authorize the app and I do, and it says successful.  
Try to sync up and I get the IMAP error.  Try fixing it with the em client and it eventually comes back “FIXED” but nothing is fixed.  Still get the errors with my email.  
Set up an app password, also… problem is, once you set up the account, there is no way to change your email password within the account, like the instructions indicate for Outlook email client.  
What is the actual process for syncing up a gmail account? Please list from step 1 through the end, as multiple people are posting on here and no one is getting responses.  

I will make the assumption that you are using Gmail services with IMAP  and Not POP and are new to EmClient .

1  In Gmail make sure in the account settings   Labels   that the “All Mail label”   is checked to show in IMAP.
and you have the others you want to sync also checked  and “SHOW” is on .  

2  If you have been using Emclient for some time  RUN the EmClient backup facility and notice where it goes.

  1. Was Emclient installed cleanly.  If Not sure  go to Program & Features in the windows control tab and find it on the Items Installed.  Right click and select repair.     If that fails then go to this web site to download the version that you were using    Note Version 6 and 7 are very different and version 6  cannot read vesion 7  files so match up your version.  You should have a version of all your installed software somewhere in case you need it in the future. This is a good practice.

4 If you ran backup  now delete all of the account in emclient to start from scratch.  Or at least those accounts that are not working properly.

5 now to create an account.  Please note Gmail verification can take some time depending on your connection speed.   If your connection is not really high speed then do just the create and nothing else on your machine and go get a coffee or soda.

6  That should be it. 

Some Notes:
 Restore from emclient Backup does not restore your Tailored Themes  so keep a copy of them in your software library with the version that you are running, and license file .

Run a emclient backup on some schedule that fits you every 2 weeks etc. The backups are good to restore your tailored parameters and any off line archive files. it is not to valuable on your current IMAP folders as they really exist on the server and not your PC.

If you run archive like me. I also export the archive folders to a specific folder on my PC for added backup.
I do not do the day to day stuff as that is IMAP any way.  My backup strategy is Belt, Suspenders, and a rope.
It is over kill but one never knows when you might need it.

In version 6 I had to on occasion remove an account and then add it back it due to a pc crash.  Have not had this on the Current 7 Version.

In some cases when your email just refuses to sync correctly after trying every thing  then its time to remove the troubling account and close the emclient  re start it and then add the account back in.  And of course get a cup of coffee during validation of Gmail

Hope this helps

Yes, as Richard recommends, removing the offending account and then setup again often fixes the problem.

When you setup the account through the Automatic Setup, eM Client used GMail’s OAuth process, if you did not enter the password correctly, you would not have reached the success screen.

But later if you change your GMail password, it is not required to change it in eM Client. In fact you can’t change it in eM Client. The Google server has a token to allow eM Client to access your GMail account, it is not actually a password. You can change your GMail password daily through the web interface and eM Client will just carry on connecting with the token.

If for some reason you want to go through the OAuth process again, just to make sure it is working, go to and delete eM Client from the connected apps.

The next time eM Client tries to sync with GMail, you will go through the OAuth process again.

One thing to check in your account settings is the server settings. I am not convinced that eM Client does the best possible job of selecting these.

I find that SSL/TLS on special port (legacy) usually works better than just SSL/TLS.

The ports are IMAP 993, SMTP 465, POP3 995

After I go through oAuth, I get the success screen, as shown above in your post.  The eM Client tells me “This could take a few minutes” and then I see the following:

I’ve got it set to SSL/TLS legacy, and 993 for and 465 for  

Tried 587 on SMTP as well, and not working.  Allowed “Less secure apps” in my gmail, also, and still nothing.  I get a test message in my gmail webmail, but the mail never shows in the client, which cant connect to the email account.  

Are there any errors in the log?

Menu > Tools > Operations > Log. You can select the errors and right-click to copy.