IMAP Sync of gmail ALL MAIL never finishing

The IMAP sync of the GMAIL All Mail folder never finishes and emClient doesn’t update.  I have to stop the application and restart to get the current emails.  This happens multiple times per day.  If I disable ALL MAIL in the Gmail IMAP settings, then I get no mail.  My Gmail account is multiple years of emails and about 14.5Gb.  

What do I need to do to fix this?  
(I have left it running overnight and it still does not finish syncing.)

Due to the way we synchronize Gmail accounts in eM Client 7 we require the All Mail folder to be enabled in the Gmail IMAP settings. The synchronization may take long time for large account due to bandwidth throttling on Google’s site. However the synchronization should eventually finish. Moreover it shouldn’t block checking for new messages. We will try to reproduce the problem.

So…is this downloading massive files onto my computer? Will it take up a lot of space?

The client will just hang.   If I restart the client, it will download all of the messages that have been waiting but not downloaded since the hang began.  Of note, there is no visual key that this is happening.  The message window in the lower left of the screen shows last sync and a time, but it hasn’t really synced the Gmail account.

With default settings we download only email envelopes for the messages, not their actual content.

Yes I am having the same experience

Same here, and I keep getting an application error box which means I have to restart it every few minutes.

Simon, I believe your error may be something unrelated. If the application crashes, can you please send us the details available in the error window? You can also try downloading the latest version of eM Client from our web pages because we fixed several of these errors.

I have also noticed when this is occurring, the spinning circle is next to the account name and just sits and spins, regardless of the message in the status area (lower left).  BTW…version 7.0.26687.0  

Probably unrelated, but when it did the last upgrade, it wiped out the license and I had to re-download the activation key.

have sent a couple of error reports now

I’m going nuts with this, my all e-mail folder has 160k+ of emails and after I upgrade, EMClient become a nightmare. You had a great product, but if I can use it, you don’t have a product at all.

If I had a couple of e-mail I wouldn’t need an e-mail client!

So, no response on this from eMClient folks…

Update, I have tried the download mail for offline use, but that didn’t make a change in the behavior.  I have noticed that sometimes when I go into a different folder it will sync that folder and then the inbox will sync.  It isn’t always, but sometimes.

I am having the same issue as everyone else.  To make sure it was not a firewall issue, I plugged right into the internet connection, bypassing the firewall.  Email started to send, but no incoming mail.  Now no mail will send either. 

Since it doesnt look like anyone is responding to these from the company, guess I will uninstall and move on to another client

With the update to 7.0.27943.0, it fixed the problem for the most part.  I still need to restart at least once a day.  I still haven’t found another client, outside of Outlook.  So, welcome to the unsatisfied club…