Imap Sync (NO failed SELECT) with Axigen

_ Englsih_
Hello everybody,
I’ve been using the eM Client for about 4 weeks.
Unfortunately I have not yet been able to get the contents of a folder or subfolder from the inbox displayed.
The error that cannot be synchronized always occurs. Unfortunately no error number.
It just stands there
[IMAP] The folder “/ Inbox / Archive” cannot be opened. (NO failed SELECT)

Can someone explain to me why that doesn’t work?

Greetings Stephan

_ Deutsch_
Hallo zusammen,
ich nutzte den eM Client seit ca. 4 Wochen.
Leider ist es mir bisher nicht gelungen das ich Ordner oder Unterordner vom Posteingang einen Inhalt angezeigt bekomme.
Es kommt immer der Fehler das nicht Synchronisiert werden kann. Leider keine Fehler Nummer.
Es steht nur da
[IMAP] Der Ordner “/Posteingang/archiv” kann nicht geöffnet werden. (NO failed SELECT)

Kann mir jemand erklären warum das nicht geht?

Grüße Stephan

Did you try removing the email account from eM Client, then adding it again?

Same problem with Axigen Mail Server Removing/Adding account did not help - it made things worse. Now I see all of my subfolders as empty (while they are not).

I don’t recommend anybody upgrade from 7.x to 8.1. Do not make my mistake!

yes, i have do it. No Help.

What version of eM Client are you using Stephan? If it is not the latest, can you update from the Release History. Then remove and re-add the account again.

Also, if you go to Menu > Operations, are there any IMAP errors in the Log tab other than the one you already quoted?

yes, i have do it. No Help.
the error message is. NO failed SELECT.
And i have Stop the Firewall and Virusscanner Avria.