IMAP Sync never ends


(sorry for my bad english)

I have an IMAP account configured in eM Client 7.1.30794.0. The account is not from GMail, because I already searched for this problem and other people have this problem with GMail.

I have a lot lot lot lot lot of mails stored, with a lot lot lot lot folders.

Well, eM start syncing folders and subfolders and takes a lot of time to end … but, when end, then start again. And again, and again …

The real problem is that when I receive new mail and try to open a unread mail, this takes a lot of time, because the task must wait until the sync task ends. The the new message is downloaded, and the sync task starts again. Same problem sending a message.

And, of course, the waste of bandwith. I’m using an ADSL with a few Mb/s and sometime I must close eM to be able to see a youtube video or download anything.

I can’t find any option to change the sync period or any option to stop this.

The sync from GMail (with a lot of mails too) is very fast.

Any idea ?


Hello Juanjico,

The general sync settings are in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Synchronisation. There you can adjust or disable the sync period and it won’t affect receiving emails as IMAP pulls all emails as they come to server inbox.

Also please make sure that the conversation view is disabled in Settings > Mail > Read because this could also slow down a big database as yours.


Thanks Russel:

The default sync period is 1 minute ? I think is very little. I changed it to the maximun 99 minutes. Sync just stopped now.

WIll check how this works now.


The default period is 10 minutes. This is then the reason for loop sync and it should work properly now.