Imap support Em client 7

Em Client has announced to version 7 to add Imap support for,i would like to ask if the Imap protocol on is automaticly set and on excisting accounts automaticly change to the Imap server settings instead of on this moment as default server settings on pop3
And will the new Imap server integration also support airsync with calendar,birthdaycalendars,agenda and holidays.

Do i need to keep the old pop3 server settings on the server to use airsync with calendar,birthday,agenda,holidays and are airsync also working on the new Imap server integration on Em Client 7

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Geert Van Osch

Hello Geert, we’ve released information about this feature on our blog quite recently here: What to expect in eM Client 7: IMAP Support for Accounts.

Essentially the current model for synchronising includes support for the AirSync protocol and by default synchronises both your calendar and mail items over this protocol, you can however setup the account as POP/IMAP and SMTP only account - which improves the behaviour while synchronising in some cases as the AirSync protocol contains a couple of bugs, that we were unable to workaround over the past few years.

The new version 7 will include an improved way for synchronising with this account that will include IMAP and SMTP protocol for synchronising your mail items and AirSync to include support for calendars and contacts, thus you’ll be able to use your account for both item types as you were used to using a more advanced protocol to do so.

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