IMAP suggestions (do not delete IMAP messages)

My email app on my phone has the option to not delete messages when they are deleted from the server using IMAP.

If EmClient could do that, it would solve some problems for me. I am not so sure I will be able to leave POP totally behind. I know I can archive but I’m not entirely happy with the way it works and rules are a lot of work.

It would just be a lot easier if I could tell EmClient to not delete messages when they are no longer on the server and simply keep them right where they are on my PC and not move to local folders.

That is not the purpose of IMAP.

IMAP means the messages are stored on the server, and all the client really does is act like a sophisticated webmail interface. If you delete a message in the client, you are actually just deleting it on the server, the same way as if you were using your webmail interface.

If you want to delete messages on the server, but keep then in the client, then you need to use POP3. That is the purpose of POP3.

I know how IMAP works. I just don’t like it. Another idea might be something similar to archiving but not tied to dates or aging messages. Simply instead of deleting a message when it leaves the server, automove to local folders. The software could duplicate the IMAP folder structure or at least the inbox and sent box for each email address setup if automove is on. Move a message from the IMAP inbox on top to an inbox down in local folders when the message is no longer on the server.

I like one particular thing about IMAP and that’s the ability to sync sent messages among all devices. I want some of advantages of IMAP without the disadvantage of losing messages. Rules are a lot of trouble. I’ll work with archiving some more see how to meet my needs. From what I see I will need to continue running one PC with POP for now.

Your program is the best I have tried that is not Outlook. Having tried (and purchased) other email desktop programs, I like your basic design and the way I use it. You are evolving and not stagnant. I look forward to seeing changes in the future.