imap subscription exchange server

When will you add imap subscription? Even thunderbird supports this.

It should be present in the next major version 5.5 which will be released in few months.

Not even in v6 let alone v5.5

Actually, v6 does support Hiding of IMAP folders which in the end provides you the same result. Simply right click on a folder and choose Hide. Hope it helps you.

as i currently evaluate eM Client (6.0.20320.0) as a potential new email client for our department/facility, i stumbled over the missing IMAP subscription support too.

As George Wilson correctly stated, there is support for hide/unhide folders but this is eM Client specific. Even if i have two computers running eM Client, i have to do the hide/unhide work on both separately.

IMAP subscriptions are stored on the IMAP server, so it’s available to every client to make use of.
Using subscriptions, i hvae to do the subscribe/unsubscribe work only once and all capable clients will honor it.

E.g. I use Thunderbird to subscribe to a folder and move to the next computer where i use Outlook, Outlook also shows the newly subscribed folder automatically, without subscribing again. Then i log in to our Webmail Portal and the subscribed folder shows up there too.
The same holds true if i unsubscribe from a folder.

Now the eM Client way: I hide a folder using eM Client on one computer and move to the next computer running eM Client to, the folder still shows up, i have to hide the folder again there.
Not to mention that other clients didn’t get notice of hide/unihde with eM Client too.

This really is just “comply with the IMAP standard” instead of “implement and use a proprietary method” to achieve the same result.

The main IMAP commands for handling subscritions are defined in RFC 3501
    6.3.6 SUBSCRIBE
    6.3.9 LSUB
and are pretty easy to use.

I hope that this gets addressed soon, to make eM Client a more standard conform and feature rich IMAP client.

Kind regards

Hi Joerg, thank you for the suggestion and for your input in this feature, we’d love to add the feature to future releases of eM client, however there’s of course a lot of feature requests so it might take some time until we get to this one.

Thank you for your understanding and please be patient,