IMAP/SMTP Server erroes - Need Help

I am not sure but seems like a issue where I am able to receive and send email from my home and office but when I am in a public wifi it is giving me IMAP/SMTP Server not available errors again and again.

I am using the gmail and google apps emails on the client


if everything is working at home and not on public WiFi this is most likely problem of connection stability of that WiFi and not of eM Client.

You can send me IMAP and SMTP logs
(tools - settings - advanced, mark both IMAP/SMTP under your account, apply and restart eM Client
then on that problematic connection try to send and receive and send me logs to with this topic’s URL in subject
after this you can turn logging off)

but I am almost sure that it will show only server disconnecting issues as I have written before.

best regards