IMAP/SMTP Errors - Timeout condition w/relatively slow WIFI connection (150kB/s)

I am repeatedly seeing two different email server timeout-related errors (on different WIFI networks):

iCloud [IMAP]  MailExceptions.ConnectionException: No server response within 30 second timeout. —> System.IO.IOException: No server response within 30 second timeout.
– and –
iCloud [IMAP]  MailExceptions.ConnectionException: Failed opening connection to server. —> 
System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond

I am running emClient 6.0.21040.0 on Windows XP/SP3 with no firewalls active. Tested both with and without active proxy server.  My IMAP/SMTP connection is hosted by Apple’s iCloud service.

CalDAV (calendar) and CardDAV (contacts) are connecting and syncing with iCloud without problem.  Other IMAP/SMTP (email) clients (Mozilla Thunderbird and Mailbird) are connecting and syncing with iCloud without problem.  

I never used to have this problem with emClient product - it had been rock solid over public WIFI networks.  Could this be a regression/support issue with 6.0.21040.0?  Is there a way to download prior releases and ‘rollback’ to a known working version?  Is there a way to ‘extend’ the 30 second timeout setting (if so, I can’t find it).

Juraj Micek from told me (politely) to go away because I am running emClient’s free product.

I would like to continue to use emClient but if I cannot fix this problem I’ll be forced to look elsewhere – I’ve simply got to have traditional email client IMAP/SMTP connectivity… 

Hi Trent, based on the log submitted above, it seems like your server is not responding or is being blocked by a security element to connect to the server. Please try to update your eM Client to this release and check if the issue persists, ?

Please note that eM Client does not support proxy setup or proxy authentication so you may not be able to synchronize the account using your proxy setup unless you’re using windows credentials for authentication.

Thank you,

I installed 6.0.21372 without any change in behavior.  Is my issue a license activation key expiration problem?  According to emClient support I have a free license activation key that expired on 01/01/2015 - but from within the emClient I have a demo license effective from 12/22/2014 to 01/21/2015.  Why is this?

Hi again Trent, eM Client’s licenses do not have an expiration date, only an issue date, the expiration date is being automatically extended each year.

If you’re using a demo version of the application, you’ll be forced to activate the product on 21st January based on the information you’ve sent me.

The error you’re seeing seems to be a connection issue, the connection is either being blocked by an external application or the server does not respond to the application’s request, are you using any security software on your computer, e.g. a firewall/proxy/antivirus software?

Thank you,


Thank you for explaining the licensing scheme to me.  Getting tired of receiving emails from Juraj telling me to upgrade and/or go away!  I appreciate your input!  You might want to ask Juraj for my last email addressed to him - he could use some help in dealing with emClient’s customers.  Based upon what I’ve determined so far - the problems I am seeing have nothing to do with ‘free’ v. ‘paid’ software being used - your customers will have this problem either way…

I am making some progress on the problems I am experiencing.  They hasn’t gone away completely but I have figured out a few issues.  I have more testing to do to validate what works (and what doesn’t) for me.  I’ll get this done over the next 3-4 days and respond back to you with my findings.  At this point I suspect my issues are twofold: emClient settings + network configuration.  I’ll fill you in when I have more data.