[IMAP]Repeated message upload failed, may indicate server incompatibility


How do i fix this error?
[IMAP]Repeated message upload failed, may indicate server incompatibility.
I am using gmail.


This can happen with Gmail if you eg: have a file attachment aprox 25MB or larger as will just get stuck. So if that’s this issue, move that offending email back to the drafts folder and then either split the file attachments into smaller sizes & maybe send two separate emails or if you cannot split up the file attachment, you can use the “Send via Google Drive” option via eg: “Menu / Settings / Mail / Attachment”

Hello Cyberzork,

Thank for your answer and sorry for not coming back to you sooner. But here i am. I wanted to give you a good answer you know.
Yes, what i did was removing a storage folder (lots of emails and pics) from one account to another. It worked, because the storage folder is now in the other account. But emclient was constantly refreshing, and giving me every “refresh” errors. I deleted the error emails but it came back with the same errors day in day out. So now today I have decided to delete my whole account and look…tatataaaaaaaaaaaa all good and working again :slight_smile: So thanks again Cyberzork!! Take care and be safe!