IMAP Polling Time

Is there an option in the eM Mobile Client to set the polling interval for IMAP? I would like to set how often it checks for new email, but I don’t see that option. I don’t even know what the default polling time for IMAP is, if there is even one.

As far as i’m aware there is no IMAP Polling time adjustment in eM Client.

However if is already implemented in eM Client, if your Mail server uses Push mail like Gmail / Hotmail etc, then “you couldn’t manually override that in the client”. You will just receive the mail realtime anyway.

I know in eM Client desktop, under the general settings there is a option that says “Synchronize items ever [] minutes”. I assumed that setting would enable a form of IMAP Polling, but maybe I am wrong.

I did know eM Client desktop supported IMAP IDLE to allow push email, which I didn’t think was supported in the mobile client. I did test eM Client mobile on Android, and if you got the client running, then it does look like IMAP IDLE works, which surprised me. On Android I did find out to make IMAP IDLE work reliably you need to do the following:

  1. You need to have the application open. If you swipe it close, then IMAP IDLE doesn’t work anymore, basically like the desktop client. There doesn’t seem to be any background process that supports IMAP IDLE, even though in the mobile client under “Other->Advanced” settings there is a “Background Sync” option. I enabled it, but if I swipe close the mobile eM Client, then nothing seems to run in the background to notify me of new email. I have to assume the “Use background sync” enables IMAP IDLE when the client is running, but maybe someone can clarify what exactly the “Use background sync” actually does.

  2. You need to turn off the power sleep optimizations in Android. If you go to the applications list and select eM Client, under the usage “Battery” setting, you want to set it to “Unrestricted”.

Once I did both of those things, and if I leave the application open in the background, then IMAP IDLE seems to be functioning, at least on Android. I think iOS has such strong limits on applications running in the background, I don’t think this would work reliably at all. If anyone tests, let me know.

The reason for doing this is to get real-time incoming email notification, without using the “Use push notifications” setting, which uses a secondary service to monitor for incoming email. Using IMAP IDLE avoids the need of using a secondary service for push email notifications.

I also don’t like the fact when setting up a new account the “Use push notifications” is in the enabled state, and you have to click to disable. This should be a opt-in option and there should be a warning letting the user know that by enabling the “use push notifications” you will be using a secondary service as outlined here: Push Notifications and other mobile updates | eM Client. For privacy reasons, I would hope eM Client (@Michal_Burger) would strongly consider this change.

At the moment the Android mobile eMClient is behaving more like POP than IMAP, as well needing a “manual check.”

On my Windows desktop eMClient using IMAP, new mails are shown as soon as they’re received. Other email clients using POP also running on my PC only update at specified intervals (e.g. every 30-mins) or if I do a manual check.

On Android, with eMClient using IMAP, new mails don’t show up unless I manually force a check (e.g. pull down the INBOX window). That’s true even though I have “Background Sync” enabled and allowed eMClient “Unrestricted” battery access. And I leave emClient running in the background.

If you’re not going to update new emails automatically even with IMAP, please provide a “check every N minute” option so new mails will show up (esp. under UnRead) when I look at eMClient without me needing to ‘kick’ it every time.