IMAP - Notification on new mail in subfolder

when using emclient with IMAP, I only get a notification/popup in windows when new mail arrives in the inbox.
If it is moved to a subfolder of the inbox by a rule on the mail server, there is no notification.
Is there a checkbox to set that I am missing?

Thanks for your help!

New mail notifications are only for messages arriving in the Inbox, so if they have already been moved by the server, you won’t get a notification.

The way to avoid that is to have eM Client move the messages rather than the server, then you will get a notification (or you can disable it in the local Rule).

Thanks for the clarification. This makes sense for POP3.
I think this is not a desired behavior when you have multiple devices such as laptop/tablet/smartphone and use IMAP for the sake of having an up to date mailbox on all devices.