[IMAP]NO [CANNOT] Keyword length too long - Mistake

I am asking for help in solving this problem. I created two new mailboxes and moved messages to them from other mailboxes. I started seeing such errors - what is it?


Same here.
Any help?

actually I get this problem , and it was, because I had emails in the previous email box (gmail.com) in folders. And gmail.com made labels for emails instead of folders, which are assigned to the mails and thats how it sorts mails to folders. (eM client is adapted to it).
label in gmail = folder.

These mails, which I get this error had the labels, and thats why I get the error. So I only transfer the mails separately to “same name folders”, as they were before… deleted the labels, as they were not necessery in different mailbox type… (not gmail) and it doesnt shows up…

I hope it helps.

If the target account is not a Gmail or Google Workspace account, there is a setting you can add to the target accounts setup that should resolve this and allow you to regularly move the messages across to that account without anything other than just drag and drop into any folder.

Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the Diagnostics tab for the destination account.
In the Advanced Options section, paste in this parameter:


Click on Save & Close, and see how normal moving works.