IMAP message headers (except within Inbox) are not cached


I am experiencing an issue that I’ve confirmed after many hours of testing (many things). This one particular issue is with the latest, release version of v5.0, and has to do with IMAP folders other than the Inbox.

Every time I enter the Inbox (on each of my 4 IMAP accounts), the message list does _not_ refresh (preferred behaviour, as message headers should be cached, and a background update should take place to check for NEW messages). However, when I click ANY folder other than “Inbox”, the headers get refreshed and downloaded all over again (as if not cached). This prevents me from switching folders quickly, as eM waits for the previous folder sync to complete, often taking a while if I have 1000s of messages in that previous folder.

Hoping someone else, or better yet, the eM Dev Team, can confirm this behaviour? Also, I do NOT have ‘download messages + images + attachments’ enabled (this created another problem, as eM never seemed to download messages properly - it kept downloading ALL messages on every subsequent sync/check).

Thanks in advance for help, I really REALLY want to replace Outlook with eM!

I have tested it right now and it works without any problems (once a folder is synchronized, mail headers are cached). Please send us your IMAP logs - It would tell us more.
Go to menu Tools->Settings->Advanced->Logging and check “IMAP” under the problematic account. Then restart eM Client, try to
simulate the issue and send us (with reference to this topic) the logs using the same logging settings window. Thank you.