imap max simultaneous connections

Hi guys,
I just would like to know if in emclient there’s a hidden way to set a cap on the max simultaneous connections to a imap server.

I’m constantly receiving a too many simultaneous connections error connecting to the same server with two emclient clients.
On thunderbird I could set the “maximum allowed IMAP connections” paramater but it looks like I can’t find this setting on emclient. It would be very useful and save me a lot of troubles.

Do you have any suggestion?
Thank you in advance!

… nobody knows if it’s possible to set the value for the maximum number of IMAP connections under emclient?

I’m thinking about moving to emclient and purchasing some licenses for my company but I would like to know if it’s possible to cap the concurrent connections to an account as testing the program with the free license I’m often receiving a “too many connections” error.

Thank you!

… As there’s no way for me to directly ask to the em client support if it’s possible to set a maximum cap of simultaneous connections I decided not to buy the license and waste my money.

I guess it’s better to go back using thunderbird that has this setting built in.

I’m having difficulty getting eM Client to install and run properly, too.  I got a response from sales, but am not allowed direct support, just this forum.  It would appear that eM Client is going to suffer sales losses by not allowing new customers full support until successful installation.  I, like you, will not spend money on a pig in a poke.  The program looks great… just can’t get it to run reliably, so I am out.

I’m having this problem too, is there any solution? I’ve only had the max connections error over the last couple of days and, up to now, I’ve always been super-pleased with EMClient

I would be generally happy with em client as well if I could resolve with the imap connection error.

Having the possibility to set a maximum number of IMAP connections the same way I do it on thunderbird and postbox will definitely fix all my problems.  It’s a shame, but without this possibility I guess that unfortunately I will have to go back to thunderbird.


We’re sorry, unfortunately there is no option to limit the maximum number of IMAP connection in eM Client itself, all I can suggest is to go to you server settings and raise the limit found there.
Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


Hi Dave,

any news on this topic? We are a smal company (20 empl) and are using Thunderbird right now. We have to reduce the max amount of IMAP connections because or Cloud Mail-Server has only a limited amout.

Any chance that this feature/setting is implemented in the next update of “eM Client”? We really want to switch to eM Client, but this setting is a MUST feature.