IMAP issues with v8 since upgrading


My mum has updated to Version [8.0.3385.0] from 7 something two days ago and her account is no longer receiving but is sending.

I’m getting this [IMAP]Cannot open folder “/[Gmail]/Bin”. (NO Mailbox doesn’t exist: [Gmail]/Bin (0.002 + 0.000 + 0.001 secs).)

It’s an NTLworld account that now falls under virgin previously in 2009 they moved to Gmail but in 2016ish they moved back away. It has been fine up until this V8 update and the last email in emclient is two days ago. I have done all the obvious put in user and PW details again, checked ports.
I’ve also restored the PC to before the update, but found the emclient database won’t open due to been used on a newer OS now. (seriously if not backwards compatible, tell us to backup prior!!!.)
I’m gonna mess about with the Gmail/bin folder, unless anyone has any other thoughts?

See if this helps.

Hi Gary,

No, no antivirus just the standard windows firewall and I had disabled it and checked prior.
Have ended up deleting the Gmail bin folder via the virgin web mail page, and appeared to sync.
I’m moving a lot of folders and mail currently from older folders into newer due to the change of services etc to try and tidy it all up.