IMAP Issues - receiving emails

I’ve participated in several threads on the forum, but now my own problem is confined to an IMAP issue. My latest situation, is that I can send emails (and they are being received), but any sent to me are not arriving. The continued error message is ‘server not responding’ SMTP is working fine, but when I try the fix option for IMAP, it doesn’t work.

I have checked IMAP settings (for Virgin Media) several times and they are correct and exactly the same as I am using for V7. I have tried upgrading and going back to V7 several times, but still no luck. I thought about removing V7 instead of upgrading and installing V8 from scratch, but was concerned that if I deleted the database I might lose critical data, so haven’t done that yet.

Any advice would be gratefully received. V7 is fine for my needs, but can I use that indefinitely?

martes 06 octubre 2020 :: 1111hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @ArbieW

I have a account that I haven’t used for ages it was POP3,
intrigued by your post I logged into my account at VM changed it to
IMAP as detailed below - it works perfectly with no issues, I don’t
use VM’s SMTP but that won’t affect anything; I sent myself several
messages from different accounts that I have.

Have you tried deleting the account & setting it up again?
Are you using your full email address as the username?

Check under advanced as well.

This is how mine is set up:

IMAP Server:
IMAP port: 993
IMAP security: SSL / TLS
IMAP username: Your full email address
IMAP password: Your password

I don’t know if this link will help too?

Noting what you say, my trial was on a ‘clean v8’ NOT upgrade of v7
so I can’t check or comment on your specific situation.

Providing you make a backup of your data you shouldn’t lose anything
as you can import it later plus IMAP will sync with the server.

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


Thanks for your comments. In answer to questions.

  1. Yes using full email address as username

  2. I upgraded to V8 again, but still same IMAP issue. I have two accounts, and I tried deleting one, and setting it up again, making sure all settings were correct. Problem unfortunately persists

As far as I can see I have one option left, and that is to uninstall V7 completely and try a clean install for V8. Still a bit nervous about doing that, but have backed up via Menu, file, backup. When I install V8 I assume I go Menu, file, restore, Would be grateful if you could confirm.

I did above and same happened. Set up new accounts and restored data. Working for sending but not receiving. (server not responding). Back on 7 for the foreseeable. Thanks for your efforts .

Although users appear to still be having IMAP problems, not sure if anyone has the specific one I have (sending/not receiving). I’m going to try another clean V8 install later on a different device, and will post back with the results.

@ArbieW Do you have any (optional) Firewall / Security or Antivirus program running on your computer ?

OK first, I’ve installed eM Client V8 on another device and it work fine. To answer your question cyberzork is yes I have Zone Alarm firewall and AVG anti virus, so, I guess it’s looking likely it’s something to do with one of those. No idea how to check that out, so further help would be appreciated. V7 works OK on my PC but not V8, so there must be something in V8 which relies on firewall or anti virus rules I guess.


domingo 11 octubre 2020 :: 1642hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @ArbieW

First to sort out which if either is causing the problem, disable each in turn and experiment.

Personally I wouldn’t have Avast on any of my computers, however, the choice is yours.

Avast doesn’t only cause problems with email!

Avast Collects and Sells Your Browsing History!

By default, Avast collects your web browsing activity and offers it to marketeers through their subsidiary named Jumpshot.
Companies who pay Avast/Jumpshot can view full “clickstream data” to see what Avast users are doing online.

The data collected is so granular that Jumpshot clients can view the individual clicks that Avast users are making on their browsing sessions, including the time right down to the millisecond.

The collected data is linked to a person’s name, email and or IP address. Each user history is assigned to an identifier called the device ID, which persists unless the user uninstalls the Avast antivirus product.

So why would you have it on your system?

As an alternative Microsoft’s Windows Defender, which is integrated into all versions of Windows 10, and of course it’s free.
Microsoft’s antivirus doesn’t have an agenda beyond keeping antvirus off your computer.

It doesn’t track your web browsing!

I combine this with Malwarebytes:
Mailwasher Pro world leading anti-spam software from:

I have never had any virus etc problems plus eMC works perfectly for me on all my computers, MacOS & Windows.

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


Thanks for that. Found the problem. Tried creating an exception for the eM C app in AVG anti-virus. That didn’t work. Disabled Zone Alarm Firewall and all worked fine. Would therefore appreciate advice as obviously don’t want to be without a firewall. Should I switch Windows Firewall on and uninstall Zone Alarm? Thanks again.

domingo 11 octubre 2020 :: 1812hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @ArbieW

Pleased you were able to identify the cause of the problem.

Unless you have some particular reason to use a 3rd party firewall, business reasons perhaps, Windows 10 firewall should be adequate for your needs.
If you do decide to delete ZoneAlarm Free or Pro I believe they provide a tool for this, at the end of the day you need to make your own decision to suit your needs.
I don’t know, however, I would expect you can invoke exceptions in ZoneAlarm.

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


Many thanks, it’s been a relief to be able to close this off after weeks of frustrations. Still don’t understand why ZoneAlarm was a problem with V8 but not on 7, but won’t dwell on that now I’m up and running. Big thank you to everyone who chipped in.

Just a quick update on this for anyone having problems with their firewall stopping emails being received (if they are using ZoneAlarm). In Zonealarm click on firewall then basic fire wall. If you see a list of blocked transactions check the ip. I found that the ip listed on mine was that of my isp and receipts from IMAP. If you then click on one, then add to zone, make it trusted. Fortunately with a little more digging I’ve now been able to put the firewall back in operation.