IMAP issue = I have configure IMAP setting in eM Client, but for receiving new mails i need to restart the eM Client every time, kindly give us any solution.

Global Adress Book = Can we configure GAL in eM Client?

Does it report any error? What do the logs say (click on the status bar on the bottom of the window)?

No errors. I noticed that I have to restart it as they are not downloading automatically.

Hi I think this may be related to my post titled (Mail Box message Limit)
I will explane please start emclient then select tools then operations when the window opens do you see operation that is not completing? Like syning a mail box folder if so that is what I am seeing as well. when a process is hung it will not get any new mail till a restart. What I found was if I deleted enough messages one by one it finished it operation when I got the message count down to 168. no fix yet that I know of.

Sorry for opening up an old wound.

This could be related to the issue I am seeing, were I am getting failures during synchronization. I just checked the server and it shows 235572 messages, however the eM Client only shows 234552. So where did the other 1020 messages go? Same issue with the Junk mail; only 195 of 391 messages are displayed in the eM Client.

Error shows “An attempt to connect to (my user name) failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. Do you wan to check settings?”

Log shows “Cannot access a disposed object.”

Logically, I must ask; If the object is “disposed”, why does eM need to locate it?

Hope this helps point thing towards a resolution.

Filip, I as a user too have the same issue. My mails doesn’t download instantly. I had to wait for like 20 mins for a mail to be in my inbox, at the same time when I login to my web based email, I see a bunch of new emails already present.

What’s the resolution to this?

What server (provider) do you use?

I use the domain that I bought from Google.

I have the same issue as Luis, looks like no one care about this issue

Curious . . . why do I keep seeing so many messages unanswered in the forum? For example, this question (this is why i posted here and didn’t start a new thread) has posts from 2 employees - but neither follow up. I can understand no response from employees more so than partial responses that end with no conclusions. i have run across this many times now.

Also, the forums offer very little help since the replies usually say “send us the logs”. Why doesn’t someone post a short note that explains a brief description of what was wrong and how it was solved - if it was a general problem that is seen quite often. I find posts that sound exactly like an issue I am having (usually simple) - but there is no follow up answer. This takes time I realize but it seems to me that posting a short sentence would save more time than having to check individual emails with logs included - on the same topics repeatedly. Am I wrong?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

That is true, but each case may have its own specifics and that is why I ask for the logs. Then I usually reply by email but I will try to post here a solution too.