iMAP is not importing all folders

I am in the process of switching from Postbox to eM Client. In Postbox I was unable to setup a working iMAP account so eM Client imported all my contacts, files and folders from that PB account. Everything is good when I use eM Client with the POP3 account imported from PB, but when I create an iMAP account it loses about 80% of my saved folders and files. So how do I get all the files to import into the iMAP account? 

Much appreciated

If you have your account setup as IMAP, that will simply offer you a synced copy of what is on the server.

Can you verify that the missing folders and messages are on the server? You can do this by connecting to the web interface for your email provider.

If they are there, and the folders are not disabled for IMAP access, you can remove the email account from eM Client, then add it again. That will do a full re-sync of what is on the server. Please be careful if your account is setup as POP3 in eM Client. Removing it will delete the data. As a precaution, always make a backup before removing accounts.

I didn’t explain my situation well enough in my original post. No, I have never been using an iMAP account until just yesterday when I tried to move over to eM Client. My account with Postbox has always been a POP3 account. So no, nothing has ever been synced with my server. I find it strange though that I was able to copy the folders from one account to another (POP3 to iMAP), but that only about 20% of the data would transfer and be intact. So last night I had to PAINSTAKINGLY copy each individual email (and there were hundreds to thousands) from the POP3 account that eM Client built during the install from my Postbox account, to the newly created iMAP account in eMC. It now appears to be functioning properly and I believe all my files are there, but then I noticed that it takes awhile to sync it all when I refresh to get emails. So I then moved all the folders to Local Folders, so they are not in my iMAP account and now it is much speedier. I knew how to backup everything with Postbox, but no idea with eMC?

That being said, I am finding so many other annoying things about eMC, that I am still looking at other email clients to find the right one. I really liked Mailbird, but it will not import any of my files and folders, and has no appointments calendar built in.

Things that are annoying me with eMC:

  1. When I had to deal with all these folders and transfers (copying and deleting), they left it ALL in the Trash bin. eMC would not let me empty the trash. Every time I did, it just kept rebuilding it all over and over again. The only way I could get rid of it was to INDIVIDUALLY delete each and every file one at a time!! This was a major PITA! 

  2. With ever other email client I have used, when I delete an email in another folder, say the SENT folder for example, it only deletes that one file copy. But with eMC, when I delete the sent email, it also deletes the original incoming email. For some reason all subsequent emails to that original are somehow linked and then all deleted together. I have already lost emails I wanted to keep because of this. I can find nowhere within the settings to change this.

  3. It appears that read incoming and sent emails are automatically deleted after a certain length of time. Again I could find nowhere to change this. Two emails I received and replied to just vanished on their own last night after about 10 minutes??

I am guessing there are ways around these issues, but with no support at all until you purchase the software, it is way too annoying and frustrating to deal with. If I could resolve all these issues quickly and easily, I would likely purchase the software, but no way as it is.

When using IMAP you do not need to Refresh. The server will send you the messages as soon as they arrive. Refresh will re-sync everything including online calendars and contacts for all the accounts you have setup. It may take a few seconds to do that.

eM Client has a built-in backup facility. You can manually backup using Menu > File > Backup, or you can set it to automatic in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Backup.

  1. You can right-click on the Trash folder and choose Empty Trash. You can also set it to empty automatically when you exit the application. You will find that in Menu > Tools > Settings > General. If this is the Trash folder in the IMAP account, then your server will also have options for automatically emptying it. In GMail for example, the messages are removed from Trash if they are older than 30 days.

  2. This is because you are using conversation mode. You are actually selecting and deleting the whole conversation, not a single message. You can disable conversations in Menu > View > Conversations.

  3. This might be because you are viewing the messages in the Unread folder. Once they are read they will no longer be in that folder. Or it could be because another device is connected to the same account. If it is using POP3 it could delete the message from the Inbox after it has downloaded it.

Thanks for that info Gary

With regards to Emptying the Trash, I know how to do that, but what I was saying is that NONE of those methods worked. I must have emptied it a dozen times, and in every case the whole thing was rebuilt and still in the Trash folder. Never experienced anything like that before. I have it set to empty Trash on exit, as well as having tried both of the other methods you mention. I even shut down and restarted the PC and it kept coming back??

With regards to number 2, why the heck would they ever choose to default it to “conversation mode” That must have screwed up many other users as well.

No idea what you are referring to in number 3. This is an iMAP account I am using in eMC. I do not have an “unread” folder? Whatever is causing it, this has never happened with Thunderbird, Postbox, Outlook, or any other email client I have used. I want my emails to stay in the inbox and/or sent folders until I delete them!