IMAP Google Trash folder

Google gmail has two ways to remove e-mails from Inbox - deleting and archiving. I use to archive for all mail. eMclient has settings for IMAP folders in which I deleted the line Trash folder. Unfortunately, then every minute reports eMclient error with non exist folder and the program becomes unusable for me.
Can you help me, please?

What do you mean by “I deleted the line Trash folder.”?

See picture

Have you tried to re-enable the automatic detection? That should solve the error message.

Yes I can turn on automatic detection, but this does not solve my problem. I need to disable the storage of deleted mail in any folder. How do I do?

You can’t disable trash. You’ll just need to avoid delete e-mail, and drag n’ drop e-mails out of the inbox.

Hmm, Drag and drop is very annoying and time consuming because it must perform for every single message. The possibility of errors to mention. But I do not want to save the message to another folder, just want to stay in the message folder all the messages on Gmail as usual.
Any other solution?

If you are not using any filters or labels and only work with Inbox, there’s not much of point in using IMAP with Gmail. Using POP3 and set to automatic archive would sort your problem out. Beside that, there’s no other solution if you are using IMAP on eM Client.