imap folders suddenly missing, version 7

I opened up eM Client today to find all of my imap subfolders missing from the Inbox.  I tried adding a new folder and it disappeared upon hitting ‘synch’.  I haven’t upgraded or changed anything, just opened it up today as usual and bam, gone.  Nothing I’m trying is recovering my subfolders, nor the emails they contain.

I have been using eM Client for a little over a month now, and have never had this issue before.  The folders are all appearing on my webmail (Yahoo!), as subfolders of the Inbox.  The folders were created in eM Client, not in webmail, so I don’t understand why they are missing from eM Client.

Also, the last backup seems to have occurred June 27 (3 weeks ago), even though I have it set to backup every 3 days.  

I figured out this morning that if I make a new folder in webmail and move all of the messages from the old folder to the new folder, then they appear on eM Client in the new folder.  

I don’t know why the older folders won’t synch, when they were made in eM Client in the first place, but at least this is a work around.

I went to downdetector just a few minutes ago and changing the imap server from to was a solution suggested numerous times in the comments there, so I tried it.

I changed my own and all my folders are now visible through eM Client again no problem. Went around to everyone’s computer and changed them all immediately haha. This may have to be changed back in the future I imagine but at least its a easy fix. Guess things at Yahoo are mostly resolved but minor issues are still in effect.

I just thank the Lord it’s all on Yahoo’s end and not eM Client failing in some way. We only implemented it about 4 months ago under my recommendation and I would hate for it to have failed in such a frustrating way so soon haha.

I’m in Canada.  We don’t have AT&T here… is that what is?  

Yes. Along with many others like, etc…all acquired companies in recent years.

SBC aka SouthwestBell and ATT merged years ago and took the AT&T name. Today’s  ATT is not yesterday’s ATT.

I’ve just tried Austin Baker’s suggestion ( and it worked for me (in South Africa).
Phew, been going through some trauma on this one.
Thanks Austin.

Changing to worked instantly for me too.

I am in Australia and I tried Austin Baker’s suggestion (inspired by Charles van der Spuy) and it didn’t work for me. And my folders are still missing on the client. What can I do?

My fix DID work, but now my folders have vanished again. I really enjoy eM Client, but I have checked both Thunderbird and Windows Live Mail and both DO show my folders.

So now I want to try a older version of eM Client back to before 7.1 came out; however when I run the install and open the program it says the database on this computer is from a newer version and the only options it gives me is to Update Now or Exit… I would really like to try this older version.

Anyone know how to install it? Maybe how to purge the computer of the eM Client “database” that is hindering me from using an older version?

See my reply above.  I made new folders (slightly different names) in my webmail, and not as subfolders to the Inbox.  Then moved all the emails in the old folders to the new folders.  The new folders then synched fine in eM Client.

I’m one of two IT guys here at my workplace and that is tens of thousands of emails across a lot of people’s accounts to have to do that for. Not just me, so that’s not really an option. Thanks though, I do appreciate it.

This is still a problem. Nobody else has this problem other than the 3 of us??

I saw other complaints of the same nature in other threads.