imap folders: how to handle?

Ok, there is this imap section in the account settings. but:

  1. why are not all the folders assignable? Outbox is not there, instead, there is something called junk which is not useful fpr people like me who do not work with server side spam filters.
    please allow for assigning ALL folders on the server to a folder in the client. If there are more folders to be assigned, this should be possible by adding another folder. But it also should be possible to NOT assign a folder the user doesn’t want or use.

  2. In my gmx account, I cannot get rid of a couple of folders I don’t want. for a while, I’ve had them deleted but they keep coming back.
    Please allow for proper handling of folders on the server through the client. When a folder cannot be deleted or created serverside, then the cient should give a clear message explaining that and why that happens.

  3. what is outbox anyway? I’d rather prefer to have something like a draft that is turned into a sent mail once it’s “out”.
    Please explain why this is popping up in my client

  4. this is very annoying in general - I have far too many folders across accounts that are taking up space without me using them at all. This leads to a lot of needless scrolling up and down in the account sidebar.
    Please allow for a user chosen folder setup - other clients have a menu where people can choose which folders to sync. folders not synced should NOT be visible in the client


  1. what do you mean exactly by assign and how do you want this to work?

  2. please send me Tools - settings - Advanced - IMAP logs, mark them off and restart client then try to delete folder and then send them

  3. outbox serve in way that you click on send mail, email is put into this and then it is being sent with synchronization.

  4. This is under consideration, if there will be agreement it will be most likely release in future versions.