IMAP folder "Outbox" not configurable

Today I installed a trial of eM client in an apparently never ending battle to find an email client that overcomes all the misery in MSOutlook related to IMAP folder mapping.

Any client I tried before have the annoying habit of creating their own named IMAP folders in my existing email account causing several folders for the same to appear on different devices with different clients. (ie Bluemail on my Android gear).

Now eM client nicely allows to configure the names of folders to be used EXCEPT for the outbox folder, which it creates by itself and you have no influence on. I don’t understand why the creators of this client forgot to allow Outbox to be configurable.

My suggestion is that the name for Outbox should also be configurable same way as Inbox, Sent, Spam and Trash.

Also, when configuring these, one has to manually enter the folder names as such, allowing for typos and thus creating extra folders on the server. It would be excellent, when configuring this, it would lookup what folders are present on the server and present these to the user in a drop-down selection box.

This is currently my major blocker to buy the pro version. I will continue my month trial though to see if I like the client enough to buy it.

Thanks & Regards,

Outbox will be a local folder on each mail client and won’t be syncing with the server so there is no need to have a “Special Folders” configuration. Inbox is a standard name used by all mail servers and thus can’t be changed either. eM Client has all the “Special Folders” that are normally required to be configured: Sent, Drafts, Trash & Junk.

The way to manage the special folders is to set them up correctly by using the webmail access on your IMAP email server and the using the same names on all your mail client applications where possible. However, not all mail clients allow this, ie mobile phones etc.

I would say the only thing eM Client needs to do with IMAP (and other) mailboxes which it doesn’t, is to allow you to unsubscribe from server presented folders to prevent them from displaying/syncing to the app.

Thanks for this reply. I have logged in to my email web interface and I can manage folders there. When I remove the Outbox folder, eM client immediately complains that the Outbox folder is gone and can’t send emails out. It will ask if it needs to correct the issue and when I say YES, eM client re-creates the “Outbox” folder again on the server.

Anyway, if Outbox is THE name for the folder on any email client, then I’m totally fine with this. I did find that the other folders such as Sent items, Drafts, Trash and Spam often have names translated to the local language. But as long as that is not the case for Inbox and Outbox, eM client would be fine for me indeed.