IMAP folder/account doesn't load all mails and stucks


for a few weeks now we have a problem with an email account. Other accounts with the same host work fine. The EM Client does not load all emails from the inbox. There are 1400 mails on the server, 800 are loaded, then nothing happens. It just loads and the little circle rotates all the time. New mails will also no longer be received until the program is restarted. I don’t know where else to look. Maybe someone here has a tip?

I’ve tried it on several PCs with em client. Always the same error. The only difference is that sometimes 800 mails are downloaded, sometimes 100. But never all of them.

I tried to insert the logfile here. But it has almost 200,000 lines. Is there any other option?

Thank you very much and greetings


As it’s an IMAP account, I would suggest then to remove and re-add that specific IMAP account via “Menu / Accounts” that is not updating as sounds like some sort of local account problem.

The other alternative is if you have been creating regular eM Client backups, you can restore that via “Menu / File / Restore”.

This was my first try :-/
I think the problem is with the IMAP account, which occurs on several computers. But where to start the search?

This was my first try :-/

If you have removed and re-added the IMAP account and still the same problem, and your other accounts are ok, and this problem also happens on several other computers, then it sounds like either your IMAP account settings are possibly not correct, or your IMAP Mailbox provider has a problem.

Who is your IMAP Mailbox host provider, and what are your IMAP acct settings for this account.

Yes, you’re right.

The mailaccount is from work and the server from my company. At the moment there is no contact person for this in the company. (Yes, the company is stupid on this point)
I use the same settings as other accounts from the same server.