IMAP error message

I keep getting this error message: “Error occurred [IMAP] connection was closed.” It comes up every time I open the program or get mail. What’s that all about?

Have you turned off your AV app to see if this resolves the problem?

What’s an AV app? How do you turn it off?

AV = Anti-Virus

There are many AV apps out there… you would have to figure out, from the documentation, how to turn it off so you can see if that is the cause of the eM CLient issue you are having.

I’m using BitDefender. I created an exception for eM Client but the problem persists.

That exercise was something eM CLient support recommended for some IMAP issues (there appear to be MANY IMAP issues). Sorry, it did not resolve yours…


Try to find a file named like date_time your_email_account IMAP.log (IMAP.log being the only fixed characters) and look at its content using a text editor.
Hope this helps.

Look at its content – and then what? What am I looking for?

You will find some clues int the newest file about the connection error. The error might be due to eMClient or the mail server. In the case you know a little bit of the IMAP protocol (the language used by eMClient and your server), you can deduce at which side the error occurred and post here none confidential information to help eMClient team resolving this error.