IMAP Email Content Not Displayed

I use EMClient on my laptop and Edison on my IPAD. IPAD is working fine so I don’t think its a host issue.

Suddenly yesterday EM Client stopped displaying content in emails. I closed and reopened a couple time and rebooted the system twice as well.

Now, it displays content of newer emails downloaded but has wiped all emails from the last year or so out of the inbox and even wiped the last year of mail from a local folder I move stuff to that I might need for taxes, etc.

Can anyone help?

First thing to try is update to the latest version available in the Release History. See if there is any difference.

If that does not help, close eM Client and run this command from your Windows command prompt:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe" /dbrepair

If the missing Inbox messages are still visible on the iPad, or using the web interface for your email provider, you can remove the IMAP account from eM Client then add it again.

For the messages that are missing from your Local Folders, you will need to restore your last backup.