IMAP deleted folders are still being attempted to sync

After the latest update my eM Client has suddenly started to remember all folders ever been present in my email account. Even when the folder has already been deleted it tries to sync it and obviously generate an error on non-existing folder. What’s totally crazy the non-existing folders are then being locally re-created by eM Client!

I haven’t found any place I could edit the IMAP subscribed folders or any other way to get rid of this nasty app habit. Removing an email account and re-adding it doesn’t solve a problem - the problematic folders are somehow remembered by the program…

Same here. Please fix it ASAP. Or at least tell us how to downgrade.

I would think that the problem is somehow connected with your server if they reappear after deleting the account in eM Client. But maybe not.

One thing you could try is to close eM Client and delete the C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client folder. This will ensure that there is no retained settings on your computer.

If you want to downgrade, close and uninstall eM Client. Then download and install the previous version from