Imap connection to failed & Rules not working

I am evaluating em Client as a personal as well as business solution as a Thunderbird replacement. But i stumbled upon two issues.

I’ve setup my corporate email address (zimbra mailserver) with imap and everything seemed to work great until the _An attempt to connect to … failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability … _error appeared. I enabled the logs and tracked down the issue to the moment the client tries to fetch a specific email message.

14:10:55.154|7E9| A3 OK [READ-WRITE] SELECT completed 14:10:55.155|7AA|   A4 UID FETCH 2062141 (BODY.PEEK[1] BODY.PEEK[2]) 14:10:55.177|7E9|   \* 1 FETCH (UID 2062141 BODY[1] {6118} 14:10:55.178|7E9| Exception: 14:10:55.178|7E9| Parse error 14:10:55.178|7E9| Input {-1} 14:10:55.178|7E9| Line \* 1 FETCH (UID 2062141 BODY[1] {6118}

I’ve logged in to the mail server, pinpointed the email message and deleted it with thunderbird. Then tried Send and Receive again and the operation completed without errors. Two days later the same issue arises! Again i followed the process above and removed the offending email from the server and everything is well once again.

Can this exception be handled so i would not have to repeat the same process everytime the imap is stuck? Everything works without issues if i use thuderbird, outlook or the Zimbra Webmail client. I can provide you with a full log and a copy of the “problematic” email upon request.

The second issue is that i can’t make the rules to work with Greek characters/encoding. When i setup a rule and filter the body with English words, everything works ok, but as soon as i try entering something in Greek  like “Η αποστολή ολοκληρώθηκε”, the rule is not triggered. I’ve tried viewing the email source but every Greek character appear as ??? . Any thoughts on this one?

Thank you.

as to your first issue, can you try right click your mail folder and select Properties > Repair and click on the Repair button if that helps your issue? What mail service are you using?

As to your second issue, what version of eM Client are you using? Can you make a screenshot of that issue?

Thank you,

Hello Paul,

It took me a while to use the repair button on all the folders and wait for all the mail to re-download. But it didn’t work. Still the same errors. I am connecting to a Zimbra server version 5.0.16_GA_2921.DEBIAN4.0

The version of my eM Client is 6.0.20154.0 .

This rule works fine

while this one doesn’t trigger, not even when executed manually

I think the issue is with the encoding. Tried checking both UTF-8 and ISO-8859-7 email source codes. Same email source:

Hi, I’m sorry for my belated reply, do you think you could send me an exported email, that has issues with encoding and an email that was not passed by the rule you’re having issues with?

Please send it to and please include a reference link to this forum topic.

Thank you,

Thank you Paul.
You’ve got mail

Hi again, sorry for my belated reply, can you please go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and turn on Rules logging for the problematic account?

Save the settings and restart the application, when an email is not processed can you go back to the Advanced Settings window and click on “Send logs”, please send the logs to my email (

And include a reference link to this forum topic, thank you.

We believe there might be an issue with the greek letters found in body, I tried to process the message manually with the same rule you’ve posted and the email wasn’t processed either…

Thank you,

Hi again Basil, forget the last message, we’ve found the issue that was causing this and we’ve fixed the issue, the fix will be released with future release of eM client.

Thank you for reporting this, I’ll try to keep you posted when the fixed version is released.

I’m evaluating em client as a business solution. Everything is great but I’m having the same trouble…
I get very often the message "An attempt to connect to … failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability" connecting  by IMAP to two different acconts (different providers but same problem…).

Hi Andrea, are you having any issues while sending/receiving email or with any other features of the application?
Are you having some issues with the Rules for sorting your email?

This error message can occasionally be displayed when small connectivity issues occur between your client and your server. The connection may be dropped for a short period of time, but should be automatically reconnected, unless of course it is not and you notice some issues with the client’s performance.

Can you please comment on this issue?

Thank you,

Thanks Paul,

I’m simply getting the message which is quite annoying during the normal operations… I don’t have real problems since the mails do the job, but I was wondering if these messages mean more problems. If not no problem. Thank you! Andrea

No, unless you’re experiencing any actual issues with eM Client’s features it’s nothing to worry about, you can even hide these errors from showing if it’s bothering you.
Go to Tools > Settings > General and uncheck the option “Show window when an error occurs”.

Hope this helps,

Thank you Paul. We decided to Buy EM so we could need some more help in the future…! Thaks for your fast and effective reply.

Hi again, very glad to hear that, we’ll be happy to assist you with any further questions, setup or if any issues arise.
After your purchase you’re also entitled to use the priority support at or at

But we’ll be happy to see you here on our forum as well as it may be a useful resource for any kind of troubleshooting.