Imap connection problem (ITA)

Salve, ho un problema di connessione.
Quando apro eM Client e scarico la posta (server imap) il download avviene ma contemporaneamente appare il seguente errore:

Come risolvo?

Are you able to send and receive messages?

Yes, sending, receiving also but this warning continues to appear (even after the latest update)

After the appearance of the alert I can no longer open the mails arrive and must synchronize everything again in continuous loop

It is most probably caused by your mail server or poor network connection. If you are able to send and receive messages normally and this error message appears only from time to time, I cannot provide you any solution as the settings are correct.

No, the connection (WADSL) is functioning properly.

Becoming very problematic attachment download “heavy” (greater than 1 mb)

Specifically, when the client connects to the imap server and until checks the various folders (sent, received, etc) everything works fine.

When it has finished checking the folder connection is interrupted, I get the error and the warning symbol beside the account and is unable to open messages or download attachments (the downloading lock)

To SPECIFY: an old version of EmClient (vers. 2.6.7225.0) works perfectly!

I too have this problem. Unable to connect, try again later.

You keep saying if this is temporary…

It is not! - Once you see the error message, you cannot receive incoming mail till you restart the application.
It is not caused by connection issues on the user side.
It is a problem either by Google or eM Client.

As the user above stated, it worked perfectly before… I feel like I’m spelling it out for you.

Sorry for my English but I’m Italian

With the Google account there is no problem, is IMAP!!!

So you can’t solve?

Here is what I think:
I believe the problem is on eM Client’s end. It’s not google and its not your internet connection. If you try an older version of eM client, it works perfectly.

Ho tradotto così si può essere in grado di capire meglio di me -
Credo che il problema sia il fine di eM client. Non è Google e la sua non la tua connessione internet. Se si prova una versione precedente del client di moneta elettronica, funziona perfettamente.

Thanks for the translation

Now where can I download the “old” version 4?

and especially how it is feasible to downgrade?


I think I’ve discovered where the problem originates.

Going to tools > account > select the IMAP account with problems >imap tab

Remove the check from the voice:
“Download messages for offline use”

With this method I have personally “solved”