IMAP Bad Command

[IMAP]BAD Invalid tag

How can I resolve this?

Where do you see this error ? and how long has this been appearing.

Also what version of eM Client do you have, and do you have Windows or Mac.

Hi, below you find part of the log of the error message which I have been receiving since connecting my iCloud account. I have a brand new X1 Lenovo Windows 10 laptop. I receive the error whenever eM is trying to sync with iCloud. Thanks for your help in advance. Michael

18:22:06 iCloud IMAP Uploading item(s) to folder ‘/Drafts’
18:22:06 iCloud [IMAP] MailClient.Storage.Application.ItemOperationException: BAD Invalid tag
GUIStatus_Exception_Reported = True
18:22:06 iCloud IMAP Deleting item(s) from folder ‘/Drafts’
18:22:15 iCloud CardDAV Synchronizing items: For folder iCloud/Contacts
18:22:15 iCloud CardDAV Synchronizing items: Sync of iCloud/Contacts finished: 0 uploaded, 0 deleted, 0 obsolete, 0 items, 0 downloaded
18:22:15 iCloud CardDAV Synchronizing items: Done

Have you tried removing and re-adding your iCloud account ?