imap account not all emails downloaded

I have two accounts in eM Client at the moment, one using IMAP and SMTP, and the other using Exchange. Contrary to all experience to date when configuring mail clients, the Exchange one is actually working flawlessly while the IMAP/SMTP one is being extremely weird.

Everything is set up correctly, and I am retrieving emails, I’m just not retrieving all of them. When I set up the account, eM Client downloaded 9 emails for my IMAP account, none newer than yesterday, and none older than the day before yesterday. My IMAP mailbox has thousands of emails in it. I know it’s terrible hoarding email like that, but it’s my own server, so I can do what I like. Why am I only seeing a random selection of 9 emails from the two days before now? That’s not even all the email I got yesterday and the day before, it’s literally just a sampler of the emails I got for those days.

Also, I’m not getting new emails on that account. I sent a test email to myself from eM Client, and the mail sent successfully (so I guess SMTP is probably ok), but it never arrived in my eM Client inbox. It arrived on my phone, and in my mail client on my mac, but not in eM Client.

Thirdly, and perhaps most oddly, my IMAP emails do not show up in my All Inboxes folder. All that’s in there is stuff from Exchange. What makes it look even more ridiculous is the Unread Mail folder beneath it. My total email count for the All Inboxes folder is 715, and yet, of those 715, apparently 1361 are unread… That makes no kind of sense at all.

Can you tell me if there’s a known issue with IMAP at the moment? My setup isn’t at all weird, it’s just Courier IMAP running on a linux box at Bytemark. Probably the same as a good chunk of the rest of the internet. Apple’s Mail app has no problem with it, neither does my phone, and neither does Thunderbird.

I was really pleased to find eM Client this morning, as I’ve been searching for an application that can actually handle Exchange properly for a while, and your Exchange implementation seems to be perfect, I just can’t work out what’s going on with IMAP.

Any help gratefully appreciated.


And suddenly it’s working fine… no idea what fixed that, except that when I re-added the account that was causing problems, I left it alone until it had downloaded every message in the inbox, then went into the other folders one by one, and left it alone until it had downloaded everything in each one. Maybe something gets upset if you hop from one folder to another without allowing them to complete the first time or something. No idea, but anyway, it’s working fine now.

Had the same issue. Deleting and re-adding the account helped here too.

One thing I am continuing to get, which is annoying, is error messages telling me Em Client couldn’t connect to my server. Usually this happens after I’ve left it open for a while, and then come back to it. I don’t know why I’m getting the message, the settings are correct, and those same settings work flawlessly in other mail clients, and the message itself is kind of pointless. I get that you failed to retrieve my mail on one occasion, but if it worked the next time, just close the damn window for me. I don’t need to see it. All I need to know is “is it failing right now?” If the answer to that is “no”, don’t tell me about it.

Hi Adam,

In version 6 of eM Client you can suppress the error warning you mention by going to ‘Tools > Settings > General > General’ and then changing the settings under ‘operations window’.

I assume you will have version 7 … it’s probably a similar setting there.