IMAP account, emails don't get deleted from the server

Hi all,

new to EM, switching from Outlook.

All good so far, still testing to make the final switch.

The only major problem i came across, is with my business email account.
The account is correctly set as IMAP & SMTP, and i can send and receive emails without hassle.

The problem is that when i delete an email from the EM client, it DOES NOT get deleted on the server!
I cannot find any setting to enable this!

I have set up the same account on my phone (iPhone with default client) and it works flawlessly, so it’s not a server issue. The same functionality was also working properly with Outlook.

For other accounts (e.g. Gmail or iCloud), deleting a message from EM also deletes it from the server…

Any ideas?

As you have observed, it works as it should with the other accounts, but not your business one. I think that indicates that there is some incompatibility with that server.

Do you know what server it is?

Hi, thanks for the answer.

I know the server address, yes.

I understand that is has to do with the specific server, but since with the same server it works on other clients (as i said i have it working on my iPhone and it was working also on Outlook), I think it is a setting or something on EM client side, and not on the server side.

I have inspected the settings, and they seem fine.

Could it be the “special folders” section under account settings?
I have it on “automatically detect special folder names”

Should i try to manually adjust them?

EDIT: i just realized, that if i move a message to a folder in another account, it gets removed from the server. So, it has to be the “special folders” thing, right?

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It means eM Client is maybe not compatible with that type of server. Do you know what server it is? (Not it’s address but the type of server, like Exchange, Zimbra, Kerio, Dovecot etc.)

Yes, that could be it. It could be that the Trash folder is not visible because of an unusual naming convention on the server. That is why the type of server is important because it may be a know issue with that server. You can ask your server admin for the correct name of the Trash folder. It may be something like INBOX/Trash.