Images not displaying

Even after clicking the option to display images in an email message, some emails are now not doing so. Some do, some don’t. This problem seems to have started happening since the last update.

Can you see small running progress dots under the message header indicating the content of the message is downloading?

No. It isn’t displaying the download link any more either. Sample attached.


can you send me this emails exported to .eml (right click on it - save as) and attached to email to [email protected] together with this topic’s URL?


How do you fix this, I have found nothing in any question area to find an answer that actually Works
I have Uninstalled/Reinstalled, I have gone through the computer advanced settings, I have gone through eMclients setting and accounts sections. NOTHING works

Hi, are you having the same issue? What version of eM Client are you currently using?
Can you make a screenshot of the issue as well?

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version 6.0.20546.0 (the newest version)

in Windows 7

Hi, you have to click on the “Download pictures” or “always download pictures from this sender” on top of the email, otherwise the images won’t be shown.

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yes, that doesn’t work
Done everything in Settings I can,
I have reinstalled
I Uninstalled and Reinstalled
I have tried the “Fix” in control
I am on the newest version
I have tried everything I can think of
I have even tried contacting the Tech Team, still waiting to hear from them

Hi again, sorry for my confusion, but on the screenshot you’ve posted the option to display the images is still visible, does it not disappear after you click on the actions?
Does this occur with every email containing images or just some?

Please install this update of eM Client and update your application (, also please make sure you have the latest version of Internet Explorer installed on your computer, eM Client is using some of IE’s components for it’s features, so it’s important to keep this application up to date as well.

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So even after that file you provided, it STILL DOESN’T display.

Imagine that, Condescending does not work for customer service. I TOLD YOU that I had done everything, but you refuse to believe me, Is your Opinion that EVERY User is Tech Illiterate?

Hi again, what version of Internet explorer do you have currently installed on your computer, I can only work with the information I’ve received.

Thank you for understanding,

Internet explorer has nothing to do with how eMclient works, they are separate programs, not working in conjunction, eMclient is a form of browser on its own, it only needs an internet connection.
I use Firefox, I will never use IE, it Allows too many virus, trojans, malware, ect through, past any firewalls, so I refuse to use it, I do not use Chrome as it is a RAM Hog, and I do not like the usability of Safari


Internet Explorer is crucial for eM Client to work well, as eM Client uses Internet Explorer to show and edit e-mails.

I’m also using Firefox to browse the web, but Internet Explorer can be used by other programs.

As you might have read in this forum, issues of other people have sometimes been solved when they upgraded to the latest version of IE and/or changed some setting in IE.

so i have to update the Most Dangerous Browser for internet safety there is, ?

To update IE, I would have to Wipe my Hard Disk, and Start over, because IE Will Not Update on my computer unless I have ONLY Win7 SP1, but I have SP2 AND SP3, so it will Not Allow me to update IE since I have Service Packs 2 & 3.

Hi as Hans suggested, IE explorer is quite an important part of how some features of eM Client work, please try to update your IE to it’s latest available version and let us know if that helped the issue.

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