Images not displaying in some emails

I have just installed eM Client for my Hotmail account and it appears to work well with one exception. Some emails are showing up with a red “X” in place of the image.
The image displays when I look at the email through the Hotmail web application (Outlook).
I have my privacy settings set to “Display unsafe content in all messages”
The “Always download content from this sender” option does not appear on my messages.
The message initially has dots moving across the top but these then disappear and the images still do not load.
This problem applies to some but not all images in emails.
I am using eM Client version 6.2.24144.0.
My PC is running Vista with IE version 9.
Would appreciate any help you can offer to resolve this issue. Thanks!

Hi David,
the option to “Always download content from this sender” will not appear, because you display all unsafe content by default, so that’s correct.
As to the images, could you perhaps send me an .eml file of an email that does not load the images correctly to [email protected]? Please attach a link to this forum thread in the body of the message so I can get back to you.
also, please tell me if your hotmail account is set up as IMAP or AirSync.


Hi Olivia,

Thanks for getting back to me and Happy New Year.

I have replied to [email protected] with examples of the problem attached as .eml files.

I am not sure whether my hotmail account is set up as IMAP or AirSync. How can I find this out?

I have determined that POP is disabled on the account if that is any help.

Hope you can help to resolve this frustrating problem.

Kind regards,