Images in Signatures have bounding border lines

Just installed eM Client…very impressed. Created a couple signatures, each with an image. But the images have bounding border lines around them. They have transparent backgrounds with no borders. Viewed the resulting emails in 3 different email clients with the same results. However, in the eM Client signature creation routine, although the borders show in the editor, the preview shows no border. But when the signatures are inserted into an email, the borders do show, both before sending and after receiving. Tiny thing…but kind of spoils the use of images. So far, I haven’t tried images with white backgrounds to see if I get the same effect.


NOTE: Using a white background image did remove the bounding lines. Kind of defeats the purpose of transparent backgrounds, necessitating an image version for each background color choice, and for some images, that wouldn’t work very well. Perhaps in time the eM Client team will find a permanent solution.

Hi Doug, what version of eM client are you currently using on your computer? Can you please make a screenshot of the issue?

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eM Client 6.0.21040.0
Screen shot below of email sent-received while testing earlier (have since used the work-around of a white background, which eliminated the problem. Still seems worth fixing however. Note the bounding box lines around the AVP image’s transparent background:

Hi Doug, thank you for reporting this issue, unfortunately this is an Internet Explorer issue that we can’t workaround. eM Client is using some of the IE’s components for example for image rendering.
This should be improved with future updates of the application as we’re moving onto using a different set of components for these features.

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i have the same issue but have found a tedious but fool proof work around

when you create a new email the border shows in html
change the format to plain text in tools/format

then change it back to html

then select your email address and the new signature is displayed without a border!

any reasons why ?

and i am using win 8.1 and Chrome

Hi Mark, this issue can occur with transparent background images that are encoded into a base64 string, as I’ve previously mentioned this is due to a specific set of system components that the application is currently using, we’re currently working on the upcoming release of eM Client 7 which will include webkit support that will allow us to avoid these kind of issues.

Thank you for understanding,

I’m having the same problem, a slightly quicker workaround is to go to settings-mail-compose and choose to open all new emails in plain text, then once your new email is open change it to HTML and the signature will remain without a border. Still a pain in the butt but a bit quicker.

I am not having that problem because all of my logos have white backgrounds. 

But I did want to say I found it a lot better to include a graphics as a link to an online graphic.

This stops the issues when someone reads the email on a text only email or iPhone, so if they reply you will still see the image, instead of the filename.  I save mine in dropbox, and just use a link to that file.