Images in email

I’m just new to eM Client and have noticed that where images should be are these funny little square icons or whatever… They have links attached because if I click on them they open the browser email images
Hope I did this right. It looks funny to me.
Thanks in advance for help

Broken images in emails usually means three things.

1). You haven’t allowed eM Client to access images automatically when viewing emails. If you click “Menu / Settings / Mail / Privacy” you will see an option to view “Unsafe content” and can choose whichever way you like to view them automatically.

If you want to view images from all emails, choose “Display unsafe content in all messages”. There is also options to view only from your “White sender’s list” and “from people in your contact list”.


2). The sender’s linked url images may have (been deleted) on the original webpage / server or the linked image url is incorrect so not displaying in the email.


3). The sender didn’t paste the images inline correctly in the body of the email so you just then see broken images when you view the email.

So if you have eM Client set to view images in Settings as above, have the sender resend the email and tell them you get broken images.

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Thank you so much for your help. Great info and works perfectly. Thanks again :smile: