Images don't appear in mails I reply

Hello. I’m having trouble with mails I reply. I’m referring NOT TO ATTACHED IMAGES but images that someone send me embedded in the text. When I reply the mail, those images that previously came with the original mail are not displayed anymore, and instead it displays the red “X” as in broken links. I looked for this topic but I didn’t find anything similar that could help. This is causing me a big trouble in my daily work so the solution is kind of urgent for me! Could you please give me a hand with this?

Today I looked “inside” one of the mails that my client uses to send with images embedded among the content, just to see if I found anything. First I saw the replied mail source and there is no any url that points to any of the images that were embedded in the origiginal mail, so I thought “no wonder those images aren’t displayed”. Then I saw the source of the original mail (where the images are still present and I can see them), but I was surprised to see that there aren’t any reference of the embedded images into the code! Just text text text, then a jump like 2-3 enter hits, end then text text text…, but nothing that indicates “there should be an image here”.

I’m thinking that embedded images should be something referenced (thru a link) to the Temp folder or something, but if there is no any link to the images in the source, so how eM Client does to display those images? I mean, where does it store all that stuff? Anyway, where eM Client stores images it is not able to embed them again when I reply the message.

I just wanted to mention it to see if it helps somehow.


could you please send me the problematic message saved as .eml? Right click on it and select Save as … Thank you.