Images do not Save in Templates or Quick Text

I have several templates saved for daily emails that I send out. Each email has custom images depending on the context. I have also tried using the QuickText and get the same results.

Lately, none of the images save after a day (actual time unknown). They look great after I save them, then after the program is closed and re-opened, the images are gone. There is just an image icon placeholder:


The images are saved locally on my PC. Do they need to be saved somewhere in the EM Client folder now? I’ve had to redo these several times which is painstaking.

Hoping there is an easy solution!

It depends on what version of eM Client you are using, and how you added the images to the template.

In earlier versions, if you pasted an image into a template, then the image will be linked to a file in the temp folder. So when the temp folder is cleared as part of the normal app or OS functions, the link is broken.

Edit the template and remove the image placeholder. Then add it back again using right-click > Insert > Image. That adds a link to the image file, so as long as you don’t delete or rename the original file, it will remain in the template. Or with version 9 paste in the image, and it will embed the image in the template code rather than use a file in the temp folder.

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I will give that a go and update. Thanks, Gary!

I just wanted to come back here and say the solution of uploading the images directly from my computer, instead of copying and pasting into the template, worked =)